Joe Riggio

About Joe

In the year 2000…

After 7 years of repairing, selling and restoring guitars with Rick King at Guitar Maniacs, I officially opened Service Guitar Repair, in Tacoma, WA. Prior to that I spent countless hours playing guitar in working bands and maintaining my own gear. While I was growing up, my Dad was influential in his skillful restoration of everything from bicycles to cars. I guess that all led to my interest in the workings of guitars, finishing guitars and also my fascination with vintage guitars.

Somewhere along the way I began making custom guitars from parts milled here in the Puget Sound area, first for myself, then for customers who asked. By 2007, I was making instruments for Gigliotti Guitars.

In 2011, Riggio Guitars became a way for me to make guitars and basses available that are made the way I feel they should be made. Every instrument includes elements of my favorite vintage examples and the flawless performance I’ve learned to put into them.

I’m always here to help you decide exactly what it is you want in your Riggio Guitar, give advice on vintage restoration and provide your general guitar repair needs.